The Action Aerial team is comprised of not only a highly competent camera department, it's pilots have years of RC flying to their credit.

Our company specializes in aerial video and photography services operating out of the west coast of British Columbia. Our combined UAV/drone and camera systems can be utilized for a variety of applications. These include TV, film, industrial use, corporate presentations, as well as numerous other scenarios that are only limited by one’s imagination.

Our camera operators and pilots have extensive backgrounds in both film and RC operation. We operate over a diverse variety of terrain including hardscape, water, sand, trees, and ravines. Action Aerials has been providing aerial filming & photography services since 2011 and have provided services to over 100 different film, television, and commercial productions.

As a result we've had to grow our arsenal of UAVs-We now have six camera carrying UAVs fitting every requirement and budget, from Go Pro to Red Dragon as well as the ALEXA Mini. We have also 'Weatherized' our UAVs to be capable of flying in moderate wind or rain - this is Vancouver after all...! Rock solid indoor flights are now possible with our new Drone - which utilizes vision position sensors, unlike the GPS based systems used on the majority of other UAV systems

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Take a look at our 2016 demo reel.

We put together some of our favorite shots from our projects to give you an idea of what's possible. Take a look to see how we can execute your project.